Are you prepared to respond

to health emergencies?

I wasn't

During my Dad’s trip to India, this lack of preparedness led to poor quality of life for him for a good 15 years. Something I regret even today.

About Us

Because no one should have to endure what our parents had to, we're here to turn a nightmare into peace of mind.

Global Cloud Cayr: Where Compassion Meets Technology, Empowering Well-being

Born from a family's struggle, Global Cloud Cayr (GCC) isn't just healthcare. It's a promise. For 15 years, we watched our loved one battle illness, navigating a fractured healthcare system that treated emergencies, but could not prevent it. We knew there had to be a better way – a way that prioritizes prevention, embraces empathy, and empowers you to thrive.

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Individualized family centric evolving care - a proactive fusion of empathy, cutting-edge technology, and holistic care.


Empowering individuals, especially the elderly or those with chronic illnesses, to live confidently at their preferred location with dignity and safety. Utilizing a participant-first approach, we create a virtual family setting through Tele, AI, and advanced technologies for enhanced prevention.


  • Respond to Emergency
  • Promote Holistic Wellbeing
  • Help you navigate the unpredictable waters of health crises, reducing their impact and ensuring a seamless continuum of care

Global Cloud Cayr is more than healthcare, it's a promise.

A promise to empower you, to protect you, to keep you thriving.


The Pillars & the Over-arching Principle

Our team of dedicated health professionals comprehend the needs of their healthcare users and the latter feel safe to express their thoughts and problems that concern them, leading to better health outcomes and eliciting therapeutic change.


  • Community
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Caregivers


  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Medication
  • DME's


  • Tele Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Devices

Here's how we rewrite the healthcare narrative:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response:

    Medical emergency? Call GCC. We stand ready with rapid response teams, cutting-edge equipment, and seamless hospital coordination, minimizing emergency impact.

  • Preventive Healthcare:

    We don't wait for alarms to sound. Our proactive approach, with regular monitoring and personalized plans, keeps you healthy and thriving.

  • Holistic Care:

    We see you as a whole, not just a set of symptoms. Our services, from at-home nursing to stress management and dietary guidance, nurture your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Innovative Healthcare Solutions for a Better You

Emergency response

We're here for you 24/7 in an emergency with qualified healthcare professionals available to provide immediate assistance for a variety of emergency situations, including acute condition management, falls, and cardiac events.


Preventative care is key to a healthy life, and our team of experts can help you develop a personalized plan to keep you at your best.

Tele - services

Connect with a qualified healthcare professional via video chat for a variety of services, including consultations, diagnosis, and treatment.

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor your health continuously with our state-of-the-art wearable devices and receive real-time alerts if anything is out of the ordinary.

Our Team

United in Care, Driven by Empathy


Swetank Shekhar

Founder & Director (USA)

The visionary force behind Global Cloud Cayr, is not just a technologist and entrepreneur but also a compassionate philanthropist...

Dr. Rahul Anand

Founder & Director

A distinguished figure in emergency medicine, lends his expertise to Global Cloud Cayr, embodying our commitment to...

Amreshwar Sati

Founder & Director

A keen strategist and master networker, Amreshwar steers business development and operations across the Asia Pacific ..

Dr. Babita Shekhar

Founder & Director (USA)

A seasoned mentor, researcher and educator having taught at IIT-Roorkee, her passion for finding unique solutions to complex ...

Dr. Kaninika Verma

Founder & Advisor (USA)

Multiple board-certified physician with demonstrated clinical, academic, and administrative leadership with a history of....

Dr. Deepak S. Nair

Founder & Advisor (USA)

A Neurohospitalist and Neurointensivist, having completed a Fellowship in Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease in 2011, and ...

Dr. Sonia Gajula

Founder & Advisor (USA)

A seasoned endocrinologist, treats diabetes & other hormone disorders. Skilled in osteoporosis, thyroid (incl. cancer), parathyroid, pituitary,....

Dr. Bhagat Singh Aulakh

Founder & Advisor (USA)

A versatile healthcare professional, serving as an Internist, Pulmonologist, Neurointensivist, and dedicated Medical Director of ...

Dr. Deepak Taneja

Founder & Advisor (USA)

A seasoned pulmonologist and critical care medicine specialist with 12 years of experience, is board certified by the American Board of Critical...

Mayank Shekhar

Founder & Advisor (USA)

With over three decades of retail experience, Mayank serves as a key advisor at GCC, a healthcare startup. His expertise in...

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